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  • China Toy Mould Suppliers
    China Toy Mould Suppliers

    As we knew, many people like to play, especially children, they like all kinds of toy. But as a business toy wholesaler or toy company, they need to produce some new toy as the market needs, sometime they need to find china toy mould suppliers to produce toy parts.   There are many china toy mold suppliers in China, usually plastic toy mold company, PTMS is one good china plastic toy mold in ShenZhen, we offer high quality custom plastic injection mold and custom plastic injection molding parts for Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Printer, Plastic Tooling, Defense and Electronics etc. Since 2002, PTMS provide excellent engineering, high quality mold making, close tolerance injection molding, tooling manufacturing, precision machining and prototype for product pre-check services for a complete custom manufacturing experience.   We are a china plastic injection mold company, make custom multi-cavity mold, double injection mold and etc. If you need plastic toy injection mold, please contact us, www.ptms-mold.com, sales@ptms-mold.com, we will try our best to provide top quality custom plastic injection molding with perfect service for you!

  • China Double Shot Mould Manufacturer
    China Double Shot Mould Manufacturer

    Double shot mold also called double color mold, the custom plastic injection molding with double color is made by double color plastic injection mold, but how to find a good double shot mould manufacturer? Today we will share some useful things with our customers. Our comapny, PTMS has many advanced machines for mold making,CNC Machines such as 10 sets CNC machine, 4 sets Wire Cutting Machine, 2 sets Slow Wire Cutting Machine, 12 sets Milling Machine, 8 sets Grinding Machine, 15 sets EDM machine and Mirror EDM Machine, Auto Grinding Machines, MAG Grinding Machines, Polishing Machines and etc. Also outside good supply chain allows our experienced mold makers to meet compressed lead times while maintaining our reputation for quality injection mold. From single cavity & prototype injection mold to multi-cavity and family injection mold, mold maker are fully equipped to meet your unique tooling challenges. Our mold making shop is geared to work with injection molds from the small to medium to big size range, i.e. injection mold that are designed to run in presses of 800 tons and smaller. Our factory focus on custom plastic injection mold making, we are a good plastic injection mold maker, we can make high quality double color injection molding, for more detals please visit the website ptms-mold.com, you can send us RFQ to sales@ptms-mold.com if projects.

  • Plastic Moulds
    Plastic Moulds

    PTMS is a china plastic moulds manufacturer, we always make top quality custom plastic injection mold for people’s life. We provide customers all sizes plastic injection mold and plastic injection molding part for high/low volumes & prototypes, the ultimately customers are from Audi, HP, TDI-Arms, Disneyland Inc, Breezer Power, etc. We can analyze the initial 2D/3D data, determining areas for improvement based on your project’s needs and expectation. Then we begin to do designing, machining and building your plastic injection mold to your requirements, whether you’re looking for 5 fast prototypes, 2 million production parts or thousands of market ready consumer plastic parts, PTMS will provide you with a cost friendly quality oriented solution. We have a lot of experience in plastic injection mold development along with our knowledge in materials providing.

  • Plastic Injection Moulders
    Plastic Injection Moulders

    How to find a good china plastic injection moulder? Many people want to choose some china injection mold companies who have much experience in plastic injection mold making, but they don’t know how to choose? As we knew, perfect deisgn is very important, right! Mold making process that means some tooling machines, yes! But QC is also important, This department is vital for maintaining a high quality level during production. Do not ever skip a visit to this department in order to save time. The Q.C. department is management's method for constantly monitoring the production quality of the factory. Here, you really want to find out if you are in good hands or not. Every time goods have to be reworked or remade it costs the factory a substantial amount of money. Only constant monitoring of internal quality standards assures the factory that a major rework or remake will be avoided. The average factory has a separate room with testing equipment and of one or more engineers to running it. When you enter this room, take note of how well they have organized themselves. You may find anything. It could be a complete mess or well laid out testing room. PTMS has the good QC team, they are always strict for mold check, if you like to visit our factory, firstly please visit our website www.ptms-mold.com, RFQs for sales@ptms-mold.com. We are your better choice for china plastic injection moulder.

wtryskowe plastikowe części zapasowe
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    ShenZhen, China
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    20-30 days
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wtryskowe plastikowe części zapasowe

ptms jako zwyczaj chińskiFabryka wtryskarek, zawsze produkujemy wysokiej jakościForma wtryskowa iformowanie wtryskowe z tworzyw sztucznych dla klientów, jeśli potrzebujesz najwyższej jakości niestandardowychplastikowe formy wtryskowe iformowanie tworzyw sztucznych prosimy o kontakt pod adresem sales@ptms-mold.com.dzięki.

plastic injection molding machine

niestandardowe plastikowe formowanie wtryskowe: Plastikowy elementy do formowania wtryskowego części architektonicznych.części formowane wtryskowo z tworzyw sztucznych komponenty automatyczne.części wtryskiwane do użytku domowego.Plastikowy obudowane elektroniczne części formowane.wtrysk tworzyw sztucznych do wtrysku medical & amp; produkty dentystyczne.części do formowania wtryskowego dla sklepów modelarskich, zabawki.formowanie wtryskowe części z tworzyw sztucznych do projektowania nowych produktów i rozwój.niestandardowe wtryskiwanie tworzyw sztucznych do budowy.dostosowane tworzywo sztuczne do formowania wtryskowego do wojskowych części zamiennych.wtrysk do formowania tworzyw sztucznych dla technologii informacyjnej.formowane plastikowe części do systemu płatności. precyzja części do formowania tworzyw sztucznych do sprzętu rolniczego. tworzywo sztuczne do formowania wtryskowego części dla innych jak kosmetyczka.


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